Mirror or Window

I recently enjoyed reading Big Nate Strikes Back by Lincon Pierce. This book is realistic fiction and has a boy named Nate who is in 6th grade and hates school (except art). This book is mostly a mirror for me because I am in 6th grade and he is also messy like me.

This book is a mirror because I am in middle school in 6th grade and share many things in common. I chose this book because I loved the series and love graphic novels. I also chose this book because I share many things in common with him such as we both are messy people.

Windows and mirror books are different because window books are when you might share some things in common but not a lot. Mirror books are like looking in a mirror, you can see yourself being the character in the book. I normally like to have mirror books but can’t find them that often so I am normally reading a window book.


Video Games

I love to play video games at any time of the day. My favorite video game is called Minecraft. Minecraft was released in 2010 (same year as when I was born). It is one of the most played games in the world.

Minecraft has 4 different modes, survival, creative, adventure, and hardcore. I mostly play survival and sometimes creative. In survival mode you have to build shelters and get your materials but in creative you have infinite. Hardcore is survival but you can only die once. Adventure is also like survival but you can’t break or place anything.

Minecraft is just a fun game to play no matter what you like to do. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite video game, Minecraft.

The Tiger’s Whisker On Scratch

Click here to watch the video


During the last couple days Harrison and I did a project based on the wisdom tale, The Tiger’s Whisker. The platform we used was called Scratch. Scratch is a platform which allows you to use blocks which do different things. The Tiger’s Whisker was a tale from Korea and had a woman who was trying to win her husband’s love back.

This project was really fun to do but I wish we could have made it a better animation by making them take steps. While we were coding we had to find some bugs in it and we tested the entire thing multiple times. When it was finally done we got up and presented. I was so nervous about doing this I barely make animations on Scratch. When we finished I was relieved that I was done.

Camp Hanes Field Trip

Last week, the 6th graders at Durham Academy went on a trip to a sleep away camp. When we got to school there were buses and everyone was there. When it was time to go, Mr. Robbins threw my stuff onto the bus. When I stepped onto the bus, I sat next to my best friend, Jackson Del Gaizo. It was a 2 hour long drive to get there and when we arrived we had people talk to us about the rules there before we started our activities after lunch.

After we ate lunch we started our activities. I got to do archery first and then canoeing and after that my group went with another group to go on a hike. Archery was fun and only a couple people in my group got bullseyes. When we got to a roped place we had to climb it. The hardest part was all the walking or. the final part to see the view. When we got to the top the view was great. After we ate dinner it was the end of the day but they had one more thing for us to do. So after they told us what we were going to do we headed towards the campfire. During the campfire we got to eat s’mores, sing alongs, and my favorite part of it was the skits. Then we were ready for bed.

The very next day when we woke up we went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. The walk there was not very pleasant. Hurricane Ian was close by and it was freezing and windy. Next we did activities in the gym and when we finished those we had to go back to school. Our stay there was the best and I wished I could still be there but we had to go home.

My Backpack

This summer I read a book called Finding Someplace. Reesie had to survive Hurricane Katrina on August 29th, 2005. When Katrina hits New Orleans, Reesie packs her backpack quickly and goes to her neighbor’s house. She packs her phone and important papers. After reading this book, I thought about what I would bring if I had to leave in a hurry.

If I ever needed to leave my house I would bring things which were important to me. I would always bring food and a water bottle. Bringing a water purifier might be useful when I run out of water. A phone for communication or if I get separated from my parents like Reesie did and I would need a sleeping bag so I don’t sleep on the ground or be really cold. Maybe a book or two to read when I get bored. I would bring a flashlight for when it’s night. I would need some batteries for the flashlight. I would like to have a knife to defend myself. I would like to have some money when I need to buy food. These are the things I would pack in my backpack if I needed to leave my house in a hurry.