Ted Talks

When we were told we had to do a Ted Talk my mind went to Robotics first. I had some experience making slides but not much in speaking. I had to figure out how to make eye contact, make it funny, and speak with a clear and loud voice. I started out with doing research and then I made the slides and practiced. When it was time for me to share one of my interests I was so nervous but I knew I had to do it so, I took a deep breath and started talking. As I kept on talking about different things and I got less nervous. A hard part of this was speaking and doing a presentation. My slides were nice and I knew what I was saying. I had some notes but not much. I had practiced and the words just came to me. I spoke with a clear voice, I had some humor and I had eye contact. In the end, I hit the mark of 5 minutes exactly. I was so excited to be done and not have to worry about doing a presentation anymore.


In The Westing Game Turtle Wexler wanted to invest in stocks. When she did this, we also set up a stocks sheet with Mrs. Sprague. We all started with $20,000. You might think this is a lot but this is completely fake and we didn’t truly buy stocks. We have been doing this project for over a month now and have just finished. During this time, I saw my stocks go up and down. In the end, I only made around $95. In the end, only a couple people ended up actually making money and most of us lost money.

What We Have Done In Language Arts

Our first class novel was called The Last Cuentista. This book was about a girl who wanted to be a storyteller but couldn’t because she would be relocated. Even though she could have been caught and then later purged like her parents she kept on telling the stories anyway. I think that keeping stories alive is not just remembering them and then telling them later so that only a couple people know but sharing the stories with everyone. Even if you tell the story to a couple of people it can still keep it alive because they can also choose to keep it alive.

After reading The Last Cuentista we had to use our imaginations to create an ideal world. This world could have anything, it could be as simple as just Earth or something wild such as new animals, atmosphere or even what controls it. We were allowed to choose partners and I wanted to be partnered with my friend Jackson. Luckily he did too. After we created our world which was very crazy and very different we were about to do something very different from what we have done in Language Arts.

After having our ideal worlds planned out we were making pictures with akua ink to create collages and later a book with Peg Gignoux. During the time we were making pictures we found some plants and then painted a piece of paper or newspaper to the color we wanted the picture to be. Then we put the plant on and rolled it and when it came off it was an image of a plant. When we collaged we cut out the plant or what we wanted from the piece of paper and glued it on. After that we cut out a part of the book so we could look at our collage. After everything was finished our secret room book was finished.

We have done many projects in Language Arts and have done many more such as reading another class novel called The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin and doing a detective notebook on it. But in this blog post we only covered our ideal world, book project and The Last Cuentista.

La Ciudad De Durham

Soy Chris Pang y tengo 12 años. Yo vivo en Carolina del Norte y soy estudiante de Durham Academy. Voy a hablar de Durham.

Primero, en Durham puedes visitar el museo de la vida y la ciencia. Tú puedes ver animales, hacer experimentos, jugar en al área y comprar recuerdos. ¿Te gusta ver animales? ¿Te gusta hacer experimentos?

Segundo, puedes visitar el jardín de Sarah P. Duke. Tú puedes explorar, caminar, correr, y observar plantas en el jardín. ¿Te gusta caminar? ¿Te gusta explorar? ¿Te gusta observar plantas? ¿Te gusta correr?

Tercero, puedes visitar el Museo de Arte de Nasher. Tú puedes ver pinturas, comprar recuerdos, observar esculturas, y tomar fotos. ¿Te gusta ver pinturas? ¿Te gusta observar esculturas?

Cuarto, puedes visitar el Campus americano del tabaco . Tú puedes caminar, correr,  escuchar música , y comer en el restaurante. ¿Te gusta  caminar? ¿Te encanta comer en restaurantes?

En mi opinión Durham es una ciudad interesante, bonita y divertida

Gracias por tú atención y espero que todo vaya bien.

A School Activity That I Enjoyed



Ping Pong


This year I really enjoyed playing ping pong in PE because I play ping pong at home and love it. Ping pong is a fun game to play even if you don’t have a real table like I do. In PE we used normal tables and cardboard net. This wasn’t nearly as real as it would make it in normal ping pong. These ping pong tables had 2 tables connected for doubles making it about as big as a normal ping pong table but had a crack down the middle making it hard to play. In singles the table was thin making it also hard to hit onto the table. Even with these troubles it was still fun to play. During PE we played tournaments. We played singles and doubles. On the first day, we played doubles and the next day we played singles. I played doubles with Connor. During doubles we won all but one which we tied and in singles I won 5/7 matches. 

My Ideal World

My Ideal World

By Chris


This month we were supposed to use our imagination and create a world where we would like to live. This world could have anything we wanted. My ideal world would be named Ohio and the planet would also be shaped like Ohio. The landscape would just be like Earth and my best friend Jackson and I would rule with absolute power. Jackson and I would also have it so that whatever we want comes true on this planet.

The animals on this planet would be different because the fish are little Lamborghinis and cats would be grumpy cats. Pigs (including food that includes pigs) would be Peppa Pigs. Cats and dogs would also be friends and everything would get along. The food chain would have fighter jet birds and grumpy cats. Above the fighter jet birds and grumpy cats would be the flying grumpy cat.

This planet would have some other crazy stuff that would be absolute chaos on Earth. Since Jackson and I would be able to do anything we could summon a clone of the neutron star we orbit and throw it at our enemies. We could also control time. The neutron star would provide a crazy internet going at 999 trillion megabytes per second. The people could decide when they die and nothing hurts.

Our planet would break physics and have no gravity, and we can expand the world. Also candy rain would happen every 3 days. You might wonder if there was 0 gravity we would all go into space and die but we have magnetic tethers  to help us go to the ground. Earth has 21% oxygen but ours would have 30% oxygen to help people breathe. It’s hard work to be able to do everything. 

My favorite parts about this planet would be the grumpy cats and the internet. I like the grumpy cats because they are funny and cute. I also like the internet because I like to play video games and it is normally laggy when I play at home. 

In summary, Ohio is a nation of so many crazy things. Some of these things include crazy physics, new animals and instincts. Last of all, Jackson and I are rulers. I hope that this was a fun planet to imagine and read about.

Museum of Natural Sciences Field Trip



Thanks to the DA teacher who took this photo.


On Friday, January 27 2022 we went on a field trip to the Museum of Natural Sciences. During this trip learned about race, space, and different animals.

This Museum had 4 floors and my group started on the fourth floor, the race exhibit. In this exhibit there were mostly posters talking about how it doesn’t exist.

The 3rd floor was my favorite floor because there was 3d printing you could see and it was a space exhibit. The 3d printing room had 3d printed things you could play with. The second and first floor was about animals and dinosaurs.

I loved this trip to the museum and hope you will go there too.


Mirror or Window

I recently enjoyed reading Big Nate Strikes Back by Lincon Pierce. This book is realistic fiction and has a boy named Nate who is in 6th grade and hates school (except art). This book is mostly a mirror for me because I am in 6th grade and he is also messy like me.

This book is a mirror because I am in middle school in 6th grade and share many things in common. I chose this book because I loved the series and love graphic novels. I also chose this book because I share many things in common with him such as we both are messy people.

Windows and mirror books are different because window books are when you might share some things in common but not a lot. Mirror books are like looking in a mirror, you can see yourself being the character in the book. I normally like to have mirror books but can’t find them that often so I am normally reading a window book.


Video Games

I love to play video games at any time of the day. My favorite video game is called Minecraft. Minecraft was released in 2010 (same year as when I was born). It is one of the most played games in the world.

Minecraft has 4 different modes, survival, creative, adventure, and hardcore. I mostly play survival and sometimes creative. In survival mode you have to build shelters and get your materials but in creative you have infinite. Hardcore is survival but you can only die once. Adventure is also like survival but you can’t break or place anything.

Minecraft is just a fun game to play no matter what you like to do. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite video game, Minecraft.